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Susannah and me – Part 3

January 20, 2011 4 comments

With Christmas over, the problem remained as to what I was to do until my course started at the end of June. I thought that I could work for a few months and earn enough to pay for a skiing holiday in April. So in early January I went to the local cab company, which happened to be a street away from my sister’s house, and asked for a job as a driver. The owner agreed, but as I did not have a car, he would rent one to me. On top of that I had to pay a flat fee for the use of the radio and the services of the controller. This was how the company made most of its money. Any fares I collected were mine to keep, but I would have to earn a fair chunk of change before I could even think of making a profit for myself. Still, it seemed like an interesting proposition. Read more…