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Isla de Mozambique – Part 2

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Anyway, we arrived at the house to be met by the three guests already there. Jamie is a sort of “Monarch of the Glen” in that he has just inherited an estate with a “bijou” castle, which he hopes to restore to its former glory. Unlike Archie of the TV series, I suspect he is a lot brighter and probably wealthier though perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing to the feminine eye. With him was his brother Rob, who does up houses in Sri Lanka and who speaks Portuguese, having lived in Brazil for a while. The third chap was Peter, a friend of Jamie and also from Scotland, who used to work for the UN in various situations. He presented some interesting insights into the moral irresponsibility and ineptitude of that august body. Peter had also spent a few years working in Zimbabwe for the Camp Fire (game conservation) project in Guruve in the mid-nineties. He remembered discussing dhow safaris with my brother a few years back. All three were thoroughly nice blokes and good company. Read more…

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