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I Am Fed Up!

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I have had just about enough of theses endless cries of ‘racism’ that are being bandied around at every opportunity, not just in Britain, but around the world. While some are legitimate and provide cause for concern, others are trivial in the extreme. What they all share in common, however, is that they are white on black attacks, whether verbal or physical and that they are being pursued with unmitigated vigour by the law and the press. The reason I am so angry is that many cases are as I said, trivial in the extreme while at the same time similar examples of black on white attacks are ignored.

Let me provide some examples.

The case of a South African teacher in New York came to my attention over the weekend. Barry Sirmon, who had fled South Africa during the apartheid years, taught for 11 years at the very liberal, Ethical Culture Fieldston School in Manhattan. Renowned for his jokes the purpose of which was to make fun of stereotypes and thereby destroy them, he was popular with most students and teachers. In October, a couple of black kids joined the class. Sirmon made the obviously ironic remark that he might have trouble telling them apart. It was ironic because though both ‘black’, they were of very different shades. The comment was reported and Sirmon was asked to resign. He refused saying he done nothing wrong and was subsequently fired.

The two big stories in England are very different, but the both rankle.

The sheer stupidity of the John Terry case defies belief. I don’t really care whether Terry used the word black when he called Anton Ferdinand a ‘something c**t’. That Ferdinand or anybody else should take offence at the adjective rather than the noun is mind boggling. It is bad enough that he should take offence at all. Insults are bandied around the sports field all the time. Footballers make mistakes. They know the laws of the game and that for example a handball or other foul inside the box leads to a penalty. Yet these offences are committed, as are fouls elsewhere on the field. In most cases they do not deliberately set to commit the offence, rather they occur in the heat of the moment. Football authorities know this and thus unless it is deemed deliberate or cynical, no further action is taken. Even when a yellow or red card is shown, the police do not get involved. Watching a press conference last night I was horrified by the way Terry was banned from making any comment on the subject. I cannot help feeling that if I was him, I would have let rip and bugger the consequences.

The more serious case is that of Stephen Lawrence which has reared its ugly head again. I recognise that the police very likely did screw up the investigation, deliberately or otherwise and that those suspects were probably guilty, but the endless attention given to one racist murder, white on black, as against the long list of black on white murders, really angers me. The investigation into police practices at the time, found them to be ‘institutionally racist’. Fine, they must clean up their act and move on. But the efforts to find those suspects, who have already been found not guilty continues with an intensity and publicity not shown to other cases. If this coverage is supposed to make me more sympathetic to Lawrence, or his parents or British blacks in general, it is not. It is having the reverse effect. I don’t suppose that matters too much as I do not live there, but I suspect that it is having the same effect on other white people too and is therefore backfiring. That pisses me off too.

Then there was the ridiculous case of Tiger Woods’s former caddy, who referred to his former employer’s black arse. The outrage that this comment caused around the world just goes to show how pathetic society as become.

In this country we have the ANC Youth Leader, Julius Malema. Most of you will have heard of him. He is currently suspended following an internal investigation by the ANC in which he was found to have brought the party into disrepute following his advocating regime change in Botswana. In case you do not know, the president of that country is of mixed race. His father was Sir Sretese Khama, the country’s first president, while his mother was an English woman, Ruth Williams. Ian Khama is one of the few SADC leaders to openly criticise bad leadership inAfrica, especially that of Robert Mugabe. By default, therefore, he is not a friend of Julius Malema.

However, further to those charges were charges of racism. Malema has, at a public forum, accused all whites of being criminals. He has called Helen Zille, leader of the opposition, a cockroach and implied that she slept with all the male members of her shadow cabinet. He continues to sing the song, ‘Kill the Boer’. He swore at and racially abused a white BBC journalist. There is no question that he said those things, but strangely he was found not guilty of being a racist. Yet, everyday we read of whites who have to resign from their jobs for using mild expletives. A popular sports presenter was fired recently because he referred, in private, to a black colleague who refused to repay a large debt, as a ‘kaffir’.  Our friend Julius Malema, recently referred to Indians as ‘makula’ which is the Khosa word for ‘coolies’. I have very little doubt that he will wriggle out of this one.

Some years ago, the world was outraged by the case of 3 white Texans who dragged to death, behind their vehicle, an elderly black vagrant. It was a truly horrible murder and those men deserved their punishment. One has already been executed, one is on death row and third is in for life. It was not just Texas or the US that was horrified by this event, it was the whole world. Murder of this nature is shocking.

So can somebody please tell me why nobody gives a rat’s arse to the racial murders that amounts to genocide, that is taking place in South Africa. Please look at this article and tell me what you think about it and what needs to be done.


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